Country Garden Fish - Quality Koi

Choosing the right fish for your pond

Backyard, or garden, ponds are a beautiful addition to nature. They attract birds from all around, and butterflies too. They become a wonderful habitat for frogs and dragonflies. There are many different types of backyard ponds to choose from. The shapes and sizes vary, and are at the discretion of the owner. Placing a pond close to your home is practical in the sense that electricity is closer, and you can easily view your new addition from a window. Also, the decorations you will use for the pond is important, too. Plants and rocks, a fountain or a serene waterfall. Your choices are what make your pond a success. As far as plant coverage is concerned, a good rule is no more that sixty percent coverage. This cuts down on algae growth, which makes maintaining your backyard garden pond so much easier. When you are considering building a backyard pond, consider different types of aquatic life to be your inhabitants. Most commonly, you will find Koi fish as the pond dwellers.

Koi for your pond

Koi fish are a great pond fish, as they are very beautiful and entertaining. Feeding time for the Japanese Koi fish is a great time to watch them. They will churn water, and wrestle around trying to get the food. Sometimes, they will slide up on top of the lily pads, just to get at some food that has landed there. These fish are very bold in color, and will live a long time. Most Koi fish live for nearly forty years, and some live even longer than that.

When purchasing a Koi fish for your pond, it is less expensive to purchase one that is still a baby. The older the fish, the more expensive they are. Also, if you purchase your Koi fish as a baby, you will have a better chance of teaching it to eat from your hand. These fish are very smart, and are a wonderful way to relieve stress in your life. Sitting by your garden pond, watching your Koi fish swim will bring you a feeling of serenity and peace, and will become your favorite place to unwind after a hard day.

Goldfish for your pond

Another type of fish for your backyard garden pond are goldfish. When people first think of goldfish, they think of the typical goldfish in a bowl. Not this time. Goldfish started out as a status symbol from the Tang Dynasty in China. They were bred and inbred to cause mutations, resulting in the vibrant colors we see today. Goldfish typically can grow to twenty three inches, but most only reach half this size. They don't really eat vegetation, just nibble a bit on it. So, your pond plants will be safe from them. Goldfish also have a long lifespan, and can withstand a large range of temperatures, providing there is ample oxygen in the backyard pond water.

Which ever type of fish you choose, the Japanese Koi fish, or the goldfish, be sure to maintain your backyard pond so your new friends will love it there. Keeping beautiful flowers and other plants will attract the most pleasant birds. And their songs will lift your spirits as you sit watching the wonderful thing you have created. Enjoy the view as colorful butterflies dance in and out of the area. Both types of fish are a welcome addition to any backyard garden pond, and will bring you years of enjoyment and years of peaceful serenity.